Cooking TOO OFTEN Is a Good Problem to Have

I'm really lucky. I have a partner who prioritizes home-cooking as much as I do. Our schedules are different so sometimes her kitchen creations outpace mine, but our relationship started with this shared interest and value.

We both like to go out from time to time, sure, but it has become a special treat whereas it used to be something each of us did far too often.<

Here's something that happened last week, and I wanted to share it for the comedic value it holds.

We cooked too much. So much, we had to throw food away. We weren't able to actually eat all the leftovers and we began to lose track of what we made, when, and how long it had been in the fridge.

This, my dear friends and readers, is what we call a "good problem to have".

Life is going to be like that, as we grow and evolve into our new healthy habits. We are going to make mistakes. We are going to mess up. We are going to make too little or too much. Weekends will pass without trips to the grocery store and Monday night arrives with no game plan.


Weeks when you planned ahead and cooked your little heart out and ended up with a little too much food? You're in good shape. It means you're not grabbing prepared, over-processed meals on the run on a regular basis from someone else pocketing all your hard-earned money. It means you're finding your center, finding balance in this aspect of your life.

A good problem to have.