A Story About Decisions--from The Mystery Box Show

When I received an invitation from Reba Sparrow and Eric Scheur to share a story at The Mystery Box Show, I confess I was equally flattered, excited and a bit nervous!

While I love a stage and have never shied from a spotlight of any kind, this was going to be a bit different. I'd be on stage talking about my decision to transition and undergo surgery to reconstruct my chest. I was compelled to do it and overcame my fear of sharing something so personal with a crowd of 300+ strangers.

The experience was nothing short of amazing, and I am indebted to Eric and Reba for their kindness, compassion and most of all, their interest in having me share my story.

Please visit their website to view more incredible stories of intimacy, love, sex and sexuality. What they are doing is incredible, giving voices and faces to the things we all know (or WANT to know) and think about each day.