Discouragement Happens on the Edge of Greatness

Bummed. Depressed. Depleted. Hopeless.

Have you been here? I mean REALLY been here?

Cool. I know this place. It's called DISCOURAGEMENT.

My most recent trip to the Land of Discouragement led me to realize a few things, mind if I share?

1) The word itself tells you what's happening. DIS-COURAGE. You have reached your personal limit of courage. You literally can't see yourself giving more, striving more, reaching more---DOING MORE--because you think there is no point. The challenges have surpassed the payoffs or payouts and you don't feel up to being so brave anymore. Why bother?

2) Reaching a place of discouragement is good. This is what needs to happen to foster more growth. If you've reached this place, give pause and pat yourself on the back. If you weren't working your ass off toward personal growth of some kind and just lazing around like a scrub, you wouldn't even know the mere existence of this crappy feeling called discouragement.

3) You have a choice: you can stay here or you can get some support to make a step forward. It's a big deal to realize you have a choice. Many people don't think they do. We all do. Every moment of each hard, freakin' minute of each day, we have a choice to quit or keep moving forward. Just remembering that the choice is ours is what can help us take the next step.

4) Take the next step. Whatever that means. Does it mean calling a friend? Going for a jog? Drinking a cool glass of water? Scheduling an appointment with a therapist or coach? What does the next step look like? See it and do it.

5) Celebrate when you moved out and through the discouragement. This is no small thing. CELEBRATE your resiliency! Let it be known to family and/or friends who love you that you made it through a tough moment. Many people don't. You are strong, unique and deserve to be celebrated!

In my personal experience, and from what I've seen in the lives of my clients, it is the act of moving through a "stuck moment" that shows you what you're made of. Your resiliency, your tenacity--your COURAGE to resist defeat.

This is the path to greatness.

Next time you're feeling down---try to remember, "I need this to be great."

Notice how it changes the experience for you.