How to see what's been missing.

Human beings have eyes that, for the most part, focus on what's in front of us. Yes, we have peripheral vision but our eyes are directed toward what's happening front and center.

If we don't use our peripheral vision on the regular, it's like using blinders--the kind they put on horses for exactly that reason. To keep the focus forward and avoid startling distractions. 

It's great to be so focused when we are trying to achieve a goal. It works less well when our focus is on the wrong damn thing. And then there's the matter of us not even seeing what's been missing the whole time.

I'm not even speaking just literally. Yes, we have blind spots when we drive, things we literally can't see because of how our eyes are set in our heads and how cars are designed. But we also have blind spots for who and how we are in the world. Ways we act, things we do, how we think and speak--and these blind spots make us miss out in our lives. We miss out on different perspectives. We miss out on opportunities. We miss out, period. 

But we don't even know we're missing out, because we're so focused on what we think is the end goal we want to reach. We are so focused on our interpretation of life. We are so focused on what is "right" or "real" or "truth" based on what we see that we can't imagine another alternative. Or maybe we can imagine it, but we quickly slip back to our fixed opinions and habits.

Revealing our blind spots helps us see a whole other world. You know when you're driving and you check over your shoulder and suddenly there's a car there? You say, "whoa! I almost didn't see you?!"

What made you see it? Checking over your shoulder. If you kept your eyes ahead, there would be no car there, right? But as soon as you change your perspective, your vision of what's REAL actually changes! The car was there the whole time, but only when you chose to do something different to see it---you actually SAW IT.

Sit and think about this. Where do you see how to apply this in your life? In your relationships? In your thoughts about yourself? In your opinions about others? 

The way to see what's missing in your life is to consider first that something might be missing at all! Consider that you aren't so right about everything. Consider that your point-of-view is just that---YOURS. One of many. And then seek out ways to see life the ways others see it.

You may have to give something up. You may have to allow yourself to be a little wrong or vulnerable. You may have to surrender your attachment to your fixed way of being or acting. 

And you can begin to see what's been missing in your life this whole time. Imagine what else you could do, be or have when you see THAT!