How to Start Anything New

One of the questions I often get from folks is how to start something new, whether it's a business, identity or lifestyle change, job, relationship, etc.

In my years on the planet, I've done all these things and more, so I have some good advice to share. Read on and let me know if there's something I missed or something specific way I can support you right now.


1) Prepare yourself for the long game. Nothing awesome happens overnight--anything worth having takes a while. If you're excited about something, that's awesome! And hold onto that excitement, it's a great place to start. And realize that the new thing, whatever it is, will be a long game. I started my nutrition and wellness journey almost 20 years ago--I know what I know today from many days, weeks, months and years of trial and error with food, fads and my own habits and patterns. Start to set your life up for long-term lifestyle habits to sustain you as you embark on this new adventure.

2) Keep an open mind. Right now you may have certain expectations or hopes for this new thing. As much as you can, try to keep an open mind because the process will unfold in ways you can't even anticipate or see right now. If you're too attached to "how things should be" you may miss out on some really great experiences or opportunities. Keep an open mind and a good balance between what you want and what actually unfolds. Keep an attitude of curiosity instead of fixed agenda and if you find yourself getting worried or anxious, remind yourself that we really don't control anything. The best we can do, more often than not, is sit back and take in the results of reality.

3) Prepare to fail. All of life is an experiment. Some things will work, some things will fail. If you factor in the absolute reality that failure WILL happen, the earlier the better, you are setting yourself for much less disappointment and discouragement. Each day, you will try things and be met with all sorts of challenges, obstacles and sometimes, if you're lucky, some wide open gates and green lights. Remember that green lights work well with red lights, clouds counter sunlight, dark complements light. You will have good days and bad ones but you will learn something every single time you lose. When you lose, just don't lose the lesson.

4) Try everything. This goes along with #3. The only way you will find out what works is to try everything. New foods, new experiences, new habits, new identities, new technology--do it all. Leave no stone unturned. Experiment over and over and seek out more information via the web, people and experiences. Start to build lists of "I liked this, I hated this" or "this worked, this didn't". If you want, add in details about why. Make notes for what you would change if you could. Just make good use of the time you have here, K? K. 

5) Get help. You are going to be able to do so much by yourself, it will amaze you. The more you try the more you will see this. But there will come points where your intelligence and experimentation reach a limit and you will need help from someone with more expertise, training, experience or perspective. The most effective and successful people surround themselves with unlimited resources. In many cases, they PAY for those resources because we value purchases more than free things more often than not. Don't try to do everything alone and get help when you're stuck. Everything I am and have accomplished I have done with a team of people around me at all times. I am not a solo success story, and I would have a hard time believing anyone is. The more help you allow, the more successful you will be--it just happens.

6) Prioritize #1. Not number one on this list, I mean prioritize YOU. Set yourself, your health and your happiness above anything or anyone else. If that sounds selfish--good. It is. Selfish is your new best friend. It's the lesson many people learn over time as THE way to succeed at any new venture or change. It takes tremendous energy to make changes in our lives and the more we focus on keeping ourselves healthy and strong, the more successful and sustainable those changes will be.



These are some good ideas to get you started. If you want more specific advice about your current idea or venture, drop me a line at and I'll see what else I have to help you out.