Make Time for You: Virtual Wellness Group for Ministers

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So you can give even more to your ministry.

Sustainable self-care is the goal, right? But how do we actually do it?

Many find an accountability group of like-minded people makes all the difference.

You're invited to join this small virtual group of your own colleagues where you'll be provided with tips, tools and time to focus on your own nutrition and wellness to bring even more the ministry you provide.

Yes, you read correctly. You will be provided for.

You'll set goals to find and maintain balance in mind, body and soul and check in with your colleagues who “get it” and can support your self-determined progress.

Model the wellness many seek, set an example for how anyone can make it a reality.

"I learned I can make meaningful changes to lifelong behavioral patterns; I don't need to be limited by how I've done things before."

-The Rev. Sharon Wylie Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Escondido, CA


The Meetings

I will host live meetings for each session using virtual meeting software (more details to come). You just need to show up, with coffee or tea in hand and a notebook. We'll check in to review progress and challenges and just generally have the kind of friendly and practical conversation you need to keep yourself accountable to your own wellness goals.

This is more than talking about ministerial life; we'll bring your whole life into focus.

You will also be given something new from me during each session to ponder or chew on--a new tool to add to your "ministry/life toolbox".

Your group will meet about every two weeks on these dates:

March 30th April 13th April 27th May 11th May 25th June 1st June 15th July 8th

You can join as many or as few as you want, but will definitely see more progress with each call you attend. Consistency is the key to success!

Can't make one? No problem! I intend to provide you a recorded copy of each session should you have to miss one.

The Facebook Group

Keep the connection GOING between our online sessions. To keep the energy from our meetings flowing, you will have access to a completely confidential Facebook group that is open 24/7! Post questions, comments, pictures, ideas---you name it! I'll moderate the group with tips and support but this group is all yours to create.

I'll provide the framework, course content and the container for our meetings and Facebook group--you just bring yourself!


-learn natural ways to boost your energy. The coffee can stay, I promise. -experience an improved immune system, especially during the GA-prep season. -practice the art of self-care with people who get the daily challenges you're up against -find more peace and stillness in your day-to-day

"Dillan's gentle approach to coaching was transformative for me. I was able to approach my own healing journey from an empowered place, and that has made all the difference in my success."

-The Rev. Lisa Bovee-Kemper Unitarian Universalists of Asheville, Asheville, NC

Choose from two times available times: MONDAYS at 12noon EST or 2pm EST  

The cost of this program is $399 and space is limited to 8 people per group. 

Sign up by MARCH 1st to secure your preferred time slot and a reduced, early-bird rate of $325 or about $80 per month for eight live coaching sessions and ongoing virtual support via Facebook and email each day.

For less than a monthly cell phone bill, you will get easy, practical tools and compassionate support to balance your life better.