Oh So Easy Oatmeal

I hear this alot, "I don't eat breakfast."

My response, "Why not?"

These are the answers I get:

"I want to sleep in"

"I don't like eating when I wake up"

"I'm not sure what to eat"

"I don't have time to eat anything"

"Breakfast takes too long to make"

I have several solutions to all of the above, but for today I'll tackle "breakfast takes too long to make". If you didn't see the Easiest Breakfast in the Freakin' World*, then go now. And make that deliciousness tomorrow!  *you can substitute almond butter, peanut butter or just plain ol' butter for the Coconut Manna. Coconut oil is an incredible fat with the medium-chain wonders it works on the metabolism, but do what you can. When you've had that and posted about it (please! your comments are like food for my wee soul) try this one on for size.

Picture this: the convenience of packaged instant oatmeal without the many grams of sugar, salt and gosh knows what else happening in there...you hold the cards with this one. What's going in that body of yours? YOU TELL ME!!



1-2 packets plain quick/instant oatmeal (I use whatever they sell at Whole Foods--just no FLAVOR action, ok?! Added flavor usually means added sugar)

1/3 cup blueberries (loaded with antioxidants; they undo cell damage inside your bod), or any fresh fruit you choose. Dried works too, but do fresh as often as you can.

2 tsp. of fat of your choice (coconut oil, butter, nut butter)

dash of salt

dash of cinnamon and ginger

1 Tbs of maple syrup, raw honey or stevia


1) boil about 1 cup of water in a hot pot, tea kettle or microwave

2) add boiled water to the packet(s) of oatmeal in a bowl or portable container for those days you're dashing out the door**

3) mix in remaining ingredients 4) stir

**want to get a jump on this to get out the door even faster?? Prep everything ahead of time in a glass container with a lid and put it in the fridge. In the morning, just boil the water, add it, and stir on your commute! If you have the luxury available to you, bring your prepped brekky with you to work/school and add hot water when you arrive.

What was that about breakfast taking too long?