Program Agreement for Clients


This is the cool part.

This is the part where you get to decide to keep doing what you've been doing or try something different.

With my help, you are going to set goals around your nutrition, lifestyle habits and your own identity development and you'll experience new shifts and changes in your life---some of which you may anticipate, some you won't. I will be alongside every step of the way, and you get to determine the direction and pace the whole time.

It's incredibly exciting and I'm sure you're a little bit scared, too. It's ok. I really get it.

Here's two things to consider before you proceed:

1) everyone feels like you do about some aspect of their lives

2) very few people actually do anything to change how they feel or change their lives


During the next four months, you will be a person who creates a life you really love. One step at a time.



Please click the button below to take the next step. You can read the program agreement and if everything feels good to you, let's determine your meeting day/time and length via email. Then, you can plug them in and choose your payment option and we will start ASAP.


If anything is unclear, please ask. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you.