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A Tale of Two C/Kates---Part Deux

When we last left the Tale of Two C/Kates, you had met my client, Cate. She's a winner. Truly. She ran the Boston Marathon after sitting on a couch mere months before. She's changed her habits around grocery shopping, sleeping, eating---and now----HER JOB. Yes, that's right. As a result of our work together, Cate has removed herself from a job that limited her self-confidence and contribution to the world around her. She didn't complain about it for months, being a victim of her experience. In fact, when we first met, she didn't even name it as an issue in her life. She was trying to finish up her degree so she could move forward in life.

Funny---just 4 months later, she is a successful graduate and now---has a brand-new job. She just got herself out there, interviewed and POOF! That glass ceiling in her life is no longer there. AMAZING, yes?!

Now, I'd like to share a tale of Kate. The story I want to share about Kate is quite different from Cate's. I am inspired by Cate's tenacity, courage and intention to improve her inner and outer world through making lifestyle changes. She's going to make the world a better place because she is learning how to make HER world a better place.

Kate--she's also doing that. I want to tell you why.

Kate is my new personal trainer. I have resisted the gym for too many years--making up stories that I told myself and other people about how I could "get all my working out done outside. I don't need to pay a gym to do that."

Good try, Dills. Good.

Trouble with that story? I wasn't actually doing it.

While my good nutrition accounts for about 80% of my fitness level, I definitely have/had some trouble areas that were becoming more troublesome as I am spending more time sitting or standing on my feet and less time running, biking, moving, etc. The biggest lack in my life? Strength and agility training.

I needed someone who possessed skills I don't have, to properly move my body so I build muscle tone and don't hurt myself in the process.

Enter Kate.

Now, before I tell you about Kate, it's important to know I had one major reservation about asking for help in becoming more fit. It's connected to my identity and the last place I expected to find the support I needed was at a corporate gym. Why? Silly personal bias, I suppose.

How wonderful was it to sit in my eval. with Kate a couple of weeks ago and tell her that my goals for my fitness included adding muscle to make me closer to the "right shape". She smiled and said, "I've never heard anyone say that--it makes so much sense." She didn't flinch when I said I identified as transgender and felt awkward in the bathroom with women--she just said, "I can see that" and she was 100% behind me when I stated specific areas to target with my weight training.

If you've ever felt weird, out of place or uncomfortable being your true self with a stranger in regards to your body and body image--imagine my relief. It wasn't easy to be on the other side of the table, so to speak, and be the person needing help adjusting an aspect of life that is very intimate and vulnerable.

Kate is an incredibly skilled personal trainer but more importantly, for me anyway, she is welcoming, kind, funny and inspiring to folks of all identities. She is upbeat, makes great eye contact and challenges me in my physical workout in a way that makes it feel fun and exciting. I hardly notice the "flaws" I've hated for years. I only feel competent and strong around her. Can you imagine this in your wildest dreams?! I never could have. I never imagined I would LOVE working out as much as I do with my personal trainer, Kate.

Her skills are a measure of her training.

The way she makes me feel safe and comfortable is a measure of her character.

Want to know her better and get her support and warm, fun presence for your personal training needs? You can find her at Davis Square's Boston Sports Club location. Tell her you came at Dillan's STRONG recommendation. ;)