Memorial Day

Break the Rules About Gender

This past Memorial Day weekend was a good one. We had a few friends over for a BBQ. Brenda and I switched things up as far as gender role norms are concerned, as we do most days. We got a new grill (which we are beyond excited about) and she took the helm with that outside while I pulled things together inside.

It's maybe not what you "normally" see in other male and female couples. Even before my transition Brenda and I really defied gender norm roles, so it's no surprise that we are still doing it today.


Check out her tutorial on how to light a charcoal grill:




If you're partnered, how do you share household duties in your house? Who takes out the trash and who does the laundry?

Have you ever considered changing things up to share the work evenly? Maybe you do that already.


How about you as an individual. What do you do or what about you is "different" than what people would expect?


Please share your thoughts below.