My last tip for you is my gift on this first day of 2011.
It is my experience that love begets love. More love doesn’t hurt anyone, despite what the media, your broken heart, fractured ego/psyche and defense mechanisms might say.
An attitude of abundance empowers us all to believe and experience that love for ourselves expands to love for others and the more we give, the more we receive. Scarcity, fear and “othering” has only ever brought me sadness, pain and solitude. No matter how many people or material possessions were in my life, I never felt happy enough, stabilized, content or fulfilled. Like an itch I could never scratch.
My concept of love makes me think of the Big Bang Theory. I try to imagine nothing exploding into the massive Universe but I can’t. My little human brain can’t conceive of it. But I can feel the concept of love. I experience it when a baby smiles at me, when I hear my friends’ familiar voices over the phone or when I taste my first sip of a mocha from Diesel café.


Cultivating an attitude of gratitude and love for myself and others is a daily practice. It isn’t easy and I am not perfect at maintaining this attitude 24/7. That isn’t the point. It’s about the intention. I have taken stock of what love has given me this past year, and compared it to other years. I heard from a college pal recently—after several years of being estranged—and without skipping a beat, we connected like no time had passed at all. We were good friends, and definitely shared a platonic love for a couple years as young adults in college and then time and many factors caused us to part ways. How magical and cosmic is the experience of reintegrating that person into my life so effortlessly? How did it happen? Love. That energy never faded, it only changed form. Where love once was, it is always. It always has the potential to heal and balance and satisfy, especially when fear and ego are absent.

Take 10 minutes today and feel the presence of love in your heart, your body and your thoughts. Compare that sensation to the effects of fear and separateness. What do you notice?
Exercises for Cultivating More Love in your Life 

Love yourself by eating whole, healthy food. Avoid eating what you know to be unhealthy, toxic foods.
Love yourself by surrounding yourself with good friends—and by being a good friend to others! Avoid the company of oppressive, toxic and miserable people. Their energy dampens and darkens your spirit.
Love yourself by celebrating and moving your healthy, strong body. Avoid taxing it with too much weight, unhealthy foods and toxic chemicals and/or substances.
Love yourself by developing and maintaining a spiritual practice. Avoid denouncing and condemning others who don’t share your political and spiritual beliefs. Send energy toward those who make the world better, avoid publicizing the actions and tactics of people who set us all back. Celebrate health and progress.
Love yourself by acquiring fulfilling and satisfying work. Avoid keeping a job because it’s a “paycheck”. Share your gifts and light where they are wanted and appreciated. Aspire to do your best no matter your circumstances.
As you leave behind 2010, be grateful for who you were, what you did and where you find yourself.
Enter 2011 with the intention to be happy, healthy and grateful. Expect the best, strive for the best and EXPERIENCE THE BEST!!!