become stronger


Today's post is about risk. It's as much about what we stand to gain as well as what we may lose from taking a chance in life.

I have never been a fan of gambling---for someone born and raised in New Jersey, I've only been to Atlantic City a handful of times. I don't like the idea of wasting my money on something that may or may not have a payout.

But sometimes life forces us to gamble something we have whether we like it or not. We are safe and comfortable with some material possession, a relationship, a business agreement and then suddenly the Universe cues us that a change is imminent.

We have to choose between growth and stagnation and during this time of choice and transition we are faced with the ultimate consequences of whatever it is we choose to do. We stand to gain or lose no matter our decision.

Think of a time in your life when you were faced with a choice---what did you do? What did you stand to gain? What did you lose?

Recently I was faced with several major life decisions---each with a major cost and benefit. I had to weigh each carefully, ponder the pros and cons of each action, conversation and motivations involved in each decision.

I have been blessed with generous mentors and unconditional support from wise friends. I also have spent countless hours of introspection and have surrounded myself with wisdom and skills from many sources. I knew I possessed what I needed to make wise, informed decisions about risk and prudence.

You have to take a leap, but be sure you have provided yourself with a safety net. It makes the jumping easier when you're on belay.

I had previously assigned a negative stigma to risk. I had only ever feared change and thought risk always meant a loss of some sort. I have come to know that to be very true. With every risk comes the death of something--but it doesn't necessarily mean we lose something that we can't get back or that the loss in and of itself is a bad thing. Perhaps we needed something to end in order to create space for something new and amazing in our lives.

Often, it is in risking that we become stronger, more confident and gain more than we previously possessed.

I learned this concept while studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Applying the concept in my own life is both terrifying and exciting. To be awake to one's own evolution is both humbling and precious.

What awareness do you bring to your fears and your own courage to overcome them?