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Why I'm Craving More Salads Lately...

Hey, it's spring! Did you notice?

Check out this post I wrote about The Paradox of Spring, I think you'll enjoy it.

I'm craving more salad lately. I would think it's weird since I haven't been wanting anything but warm soups, stews and meat for a while--but my training as a health coach tells me otherwise.

According to some traditions, spring is a great time of year to cleanse the body of toxins and heavier foods that have been building up all winter. It's a time where nature starts shooting out buds, leaves and shoots to create new life.

It makes perfect sense that your body wants to ingest those buds, leaves and shoots to create new life within you! Regenerate those cells that you're made up of---eat what's around you to feel connected to the earth's natural cycles.

Or just eat salad because it's healthy and delicious.

The time for cooking and steaming greens is slowly fading away--our bodies need less heat and warmth because the season has shifted, the sun is now closer to us so there is more sunlight and heat available. Now is the time to move into a season of eating light, crisp, water-filled fruits and veggies.

Go slowly. It isn't summer yet. Take your cues from nature and eat what is currently coming up from the ground and is available.

That's good wisdom for life--take your cues from what is available and make good use of it. Don't go looking for what you need in places where it isn't available or flowing freely.  Add some baby spinach or arugula to your plate with a splash of a vinaigrette dressing (nothing creamy or heavy) to kick start your digestion and cleanse your gut.