chia seeds

Choco-banana-chia Oatmeal

  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


Did you know that? It is. It's like 90% responsible (maybe even higher) for how your whole day goes. Skipping it is setting yourself up to have a rough go of things.

Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated and you sure as heck don't have to buy it every morning. I remember those days--when my work day started with a Starbucks drive-by. I spent about $8 every morning. I had a great salary so I was like, "who cares? It's $8." I did the math. 8x5=$40 per week. $40/week x 4 weeks = $160 a month JUST on breakfast, alone. Did I also tell you I ate lunch and dinner out most days?

Yep, that was me. That was my life.

Not anymore. I do like to grab a muffin or croissant from time to time, but I am currently doing an experiment to see which of those foods is contributing to my acne. It's mostly caused from the hormones I'm on for my transition but I KNOW that nutrition plays a huge role in whatever happens with my body.

So, I'm eating a lot less baked stuff and more oatmeal lately. I like oatmeal but it can get boring. I try to come up with new things to add in to make me like it even more.

Here's my latest and greatest. Hope you enjoy!

Choco-banana-chia Oatmeal*

1/2 cup instant or quick oats (because who has time for the other kind? Not me.) 1 cup boiling water 1/2 banana, sliced thin 1 tsp raw cacao (cocoa) powder 1 Tbsp chia seeds (they add protein, fiber and healthy fats) 1 tsp coconut oil (more healthy fat) 1 tsp pure, organic maple syrup 1 small pinch of salt


Stir and savor!

*prep all the dry ingredients the night before, add the wet ones in the morning to save EVEN MORE time!