Celebrate GOOD TIMES! with less alcohol

So this is for all yous guys who "celebrate" major life changes, accomplishments or disappointments by consuming large amounts (or even small ones) of alcohol.

For what it's worth and to the extent it's helpful--reconsider if you're celebrating or self-medicating the joys and sorrows of life away in an altered state. What is it satisfying for you? What might you be missing out on if you aren't present for the whole experience--the good and not-so-good parts?

I know life is hard.

Life is also beautiful:

Next time you overcome something big or feel overwhelmed, notice if you say, "WOW! I could use a drink!"

If so, think about that. 

What are you needing that the alcohol will or won't provide? What feelings are coming up? Would a conversation with a friend help instead? What's another way you can celebrate that doesn't involve alcohol?

I'm not saying that a glass of wine now and then is a problem. I would embrace it more regularly if it didn't affect my sleep in a negative way. What I'm talking about, and encouraging mindfulness about, is HOW it's being used in your life. If it's a crutch, fall-back, distraction, "treat"---than your relationship with it might be out of balance.

How can you make a shift with this in your life?