You're already a winner. Now you'll be one in the kitchen.


"What's for dinner?" Now, you have an answer.


I know you. You're the one who likes my facebook posts and instagram food porn pictures.

You have a goal to eat more healthy food more often (and maybe post pictures of it like I do) but you feel like it's a little too complicated. Maybe you consider yourself to be eating healthy but have reached your limit of what you know how to cook.

I'd like to help.

Welcome to Winning At Kitchen, a program to get you to the next level in your cooking competency. I've been invited to collaborate on this awesome summer program designed to help awesome, average, busy people like you get food on the table faster, with little to no hassle. Some of my recipes are featured which is really awesome! 

What is it?

4 weeks of dinner meal plans, plus bonus recipes for breakfast, snacks and dessert. (That's right, healthy dessert.) The recipes are dairy and gluten-free or can be easily modified. Some are vegetarian meals, some have meat--make it work for you. You’ll get done-for-you, printable grocery shopping lists and make-life-easier prep instructions (hello? How easy is this?!)

AND you’ll have 24/7 access to an online forum for extra help, ingredient substitution ideas, recipe exchanges, kid-friendly ideas (if you got some kiddos) and more. In other words – you’re not alone. You're now unstuck. You’ve got options. You've got people to talk to when you hit a wall.

What kind of meals are included?

Normal, good, tasty food. Maybe you'll even learn about some new healthy options you never knew about before. This is not about detoxing but it IS about healthy and delicious made so easy you'll be like, "who's this chef in my kitchen? Oh. It's me."

Honey Lime Chicken. Spaghetti with Veggie Bolognese Sauce. Blueberry Peach Crisp. 

Good REAL food, made even better with nutrient dense ingredients. You can toss out the story that you can't cook. It's really not true, once you start trying with something simple like this.

Who’s it for?

You’d like to cook but you run out of steam. You want to eat better and expand your nutrition horizons, but you don’t know where to start. But you’re committed to putting real food on the table! The meal plans are created to serve 4, you can double the recipes -- HELLO leftovers!

Imagine feeling focused, organized and efficient in the kitchen. That's what we mean by #winningatkitchen

Save time and money - You won’t have to hunt for recipes or remember to make lists. You also won’t rely on expensive takeout or prepared meals, or waste money on complicated recipes. You’ll have it all spelled out in the most efficient way possible.

Keep it simple and practical - We're serious. You're busy and life is already complicated enough. These 4 weeks will have good, normal, real food that you can find at any standard grocery store. There may be a few items you’ll want to get at Whole Foods or a natural food store, but it won’t be essential.

Do what works for you - I expect you to be busy. It’s ok. Vacations, celebrating birthdays, whatever. Do what you can, when you can. The meal plans and recipes can be used and reused all summer long – and next year too!

How much does all this awesomeness cost?

Just $29.

Ready to sign up and be more of a winner?



Cleansing Cabbage Salad

So Halloween has come and gone. And I stuck to my goal to not have one piece of candy corn for yet another year!

Feels so good.

I did have a few pieces of candy at a party I attended. I went as a Mormon missionary. It was a timely costume on the eve of our national presidential election.

In general, though, my cravings for sugar and crap food have dramatically changed since my surgery in August and the shifts I've made in my life for the past 6 months or so. On a daily basis, I wake up excited for the life I've created for myself---literally a life of my own making. When I'm doing my talks, I often share with the attendees that if they don't love their lives, it will show up in their food choices. I can truly attest to this happening for me more than once in my life, but especially now.

In general, I eat whatever I want every day. And that does include sugar and meat and wheat--all of those things in moderate amounts that feel right and good for me. I have never succeeded with total elimination of anything in my life. Just doesn't feel balanced or sustainable for me.

Even though I didn't eat a ton of sugar for Halloween, because I eat seasonally my diet is becoming more full of rich, salty, fatty foods associated with fall and winter and less of the raw, light foods associated with spring and summer. It's appropriate for this time of year. But my skin is also having a bit of a hard time due to my hormone regimen, so I need to keep things in check nutritionally to help it out as much as I can. That's why I made this raw cabbage salad the other day. The raw greens (yep, cabbage counts as a green), carrots and apple provided essential raw insoluble fiber. Because humans can't digest insoluble fiber, it increases bulk and eases movement of waste through the intestines and colon. That makes for a happy me. Cabbage is really dense in other nutrients, despite its light color (usually the darker the green, the better) so I'm a happy camper all-around.

Cleansing Cabbage Salad

Salad Ingredients

3-4 cups cabbageshredded

2 large carrots, shredded

2 apples, diced or shredded

Dressing Ingredients

3 Tb vinegar (I was wary use apple cider but it was all I had so I made the jump. Turned out ok. Try it with white or rice vinegar, too)

1 tsp sugar

2 tsp sesame seeds (I used Gomasio)

2 tsp soy sauce (I use wheat-free Tamari)

1 tsp sesame oil

1/8 tsp red pepper flakes


1) Combine shredded ingredients in a large bowl.

2) Add dressing as needed to individual servings (keeps the salad fresher, longer).

3) I feel best when I'm balancing meals like the rich tastiness of a burger made of ethically- raised local beef and raw, crunchy vegetables and fruits. As we move into a time of more dense, rich foods made from animal products (meat, butter, cheese, etc.) and cooked vegetables in soups and stews, remember to add in some raw stuff from time to time, once a day or so, to keep things moving along. To keep the balance in check.

Unless, of course, you're a raw vegan. ;)

The Hips Don't Lie


I went to my first NIA class last night, taught at the Yoga and Nia for Life Studio in Concord, MA by my beautiful friend, Allison Wright.

Let me tell you, this is some pretty powerful stuff.

The title of today's post was inspired by two big revelations that came from participating in this class last night.

Since this blog is by a LGBTQ person for the education of anyone reading it (and really, I mean everyone), I am going to spell it out clearly and simply.

1) my hips don't move like those of a girl---why? because I don't identify as one. Next thought: wow, what does that even mean?

2) my hips were stiff and tight. why? because I haven't been exercising and stretching enough.

SOLUTION to 1: Rethink and redefine pretty.

Nia is a practice of dance and martial arts movements. I felt that a lot of the dancing of Nia looks "pretty"--sweeping, swirling, graceful movements that I associate (with my gender binary socialized-mind) with femininity and womanhood. This class revealed to me that I have some work to do to open these hips of mine, embrace them and move freely in and with them---but it doesn't have to be "pretty" to be good or "right". Moreover, it seems I have some work to do in redefining what "pretty" means--particularly for me. Maybe we all do.

Everything about Allison's words and actions during the class affirm every body shape and every individual's movement style and pace. She went on to tell me about the creator of the routine we danced to, and how that man (who identifies as heterosexual) taught her something about gender norms and how we perceive and define them. If ever a person was meant to teach a class for those struggling with inner beauty and strength, Allison is that person. For those living in or near Boston, MA---please experience Allison for yourself--the studio is accessible on the Commuter rail.

SOLUTION to 2: Start a stretching routine each day.

I have a DVD that I don't use enough. It lasts about 30 minutes and I am not using it enough to open the hips and live more gracefully and fully. I can feel the tension. I can feel how "tight" my energy is around that area of my body. I can open and expand this area (and the areas of mind associated with it) with good, regular and gentle stretching exercises. That is my small but attainable goal for the next two weeks.

Namaste to you all and blessings sent to my beautiful friend, Allison, for her gentle encouragement and generous invitation to join her class one chilly Tuesday evening.

It was a brilliant use of my time and a profound learning experience. My hips told me precious truths I needed to hear.

Gentle changes make a profound difference.