Simon Says, "Do Your Best"

Sometimes your best looks like this.

Simon, our turtle, loves sunning himself on his rock (under that heat lamp). Today, however, he only made it halfway.

Did he beat himself up about making it halfway? Not from what I could see. Instead, he fell into a deep sleep.

He did his best. He climbed as high as he could and decided that laying halfway into the water was the ideal lounging experience.

from The Four Agreements: "your best will change from day to day."

Sometimes our best means making a 5-star dinner and sometimes it means roasting beets, wilting spinach and topping them with goat cheese.

Sometimes it means going out for sushi.

Sometimes it means jogging for half a mile and walking the rest of the way. Maybe it means simply walking. Jogging will come later.

Doing your best is especially hard during a major transition--between relationships, between jobs, between work days. If you're at the stage BEFORE a major transition, that icky place where you know change is imminent and obviously coming soon but you're really not feeling ready for it, doing your best is really important. When super-stressed or scared or nervous, the last thing you want to do is beat yourself for not meeting your own or someone else's expectations.

To hell with that crap.

Get out of bed, eat the healthiest food you can, try to move your body and make sure you get plenty of sleep.

Drink water.

Ask for hugs.

Today, do your best.