No Magic Pill-Be A Winner, Instead!

I used to roll with a lot of people who thought there was an elusive magic pill to making their lives perfect.

This meant a life with no physical pain (without doing any exercise), all the money they wanted (without doing any work), all the free time to watch tv (N/C), the perfect partner (with none of the natural conflicts that arise in relationships)...

you get the point.

These are people who pop an Advil at the first sign of pain or complain endlessly about the job they hate, the people who cause them endless grief, the headaches they get, the crap hand they got dealt at the job they see the pattern.

I have intentionally and compassionately eliminated folks like this from my life.

The people in my life now are people who know the value of hard work and the reality of the trials and tribulations of life. They know that there is no magic pill to eliminating the adversity that comes their way, but they know there ARE better, more constructive ways to accomplish their goals. They name the struggle, they express how it challenges them and they meet the challenge with gratitude (even if it is sometimes accompanied with a slight grimace).

My friends are like this.

My clients are like this.

My colleagues are like this.

I INTENTIONALLY surround myself with these people to improve my own attitude towards life. I consume their approach to life, their tenacity and strength, as I do the fruits, veggies, proteins and grains in my diet.

I roll with winners. Winners who love their lives because they have CHOSEN to live a life of joy, abundance, courage and LAUGHTER!

I mean, would you LOOK at these guys?!!

It isn't always easy, but it is SO much better than living a life full of sadness, pain (inside and out), dread and boredom (yeah, you. I mean you--sitting there at your desk at a job you dislike working for a boss who doesn't know you love to write and want to write a novel...or become a massage therapist, or an events planner, or a nurse practitioner or a life coach...)

There's no magic pill to make your headache go away. But I know how to help it.

There's no magic pill to make your boss be a better boss. But I know how to help you manage it.

There's no magic pill to lose weight. But I know how to help you do it without dieting.

There's no magic pill to get better sleep. But I know how to help you get more and wake up feeling amazing.

There's no magic pill to living the life you WANT. But it IS possible.

If I can do it, YOU can do it.

Are you a winner?!