love change

Dare to Be Different--Be Yourself.

While running the other day, I saw this leaf.

There it was, greeting the imminent shift of the season. Just being red and brave and standing out like a champ. 

I thought, "wow. If we could all greet change that way--expecting it, welcoming it and THRIVING when it came---what lives we would live."

Change happens. Summer is changing to Fall. Fall will turn to Winter. 

These things happen every year without fail and yet we rally against and often really struggle with acceptance when we experience this same kind of change in our lives. We


greet it with the BOLDNESS of this leaf.

What's more--we're afraid to be so freaking beautiful and stand out from the crowd. The thing that caught my attention was the color

RED. It’s the opposite of green on the color wheel. Being the opposite color of the others was what made it so gorgeous! How fun!

Try this in your life. Be different on purpose. Be yourself.

Greet change with open arms and shine so intensely that someone has no choice but to stop and take your picture.