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Rebirth: It's Not Just For Jesus

Victoria, my student intern this semester, and I had inspiring Easter experiences. She's going to talk about a service she attended this past Sunday in her blog post. I also attended a service, online! It was pretty great. I love the message of Easter because it is so closely aligned with how I think of spring: rebirth, renewal, regeneration. Who can't use some of that?

We crave it physically, so we do nutritional cleanses. If you're needing one, by the way, my 10-Day Life REBOOT is already getting some awesome feedback.

We crave it mentally, so we journal and talk to our friends or find a new book to inspire us. Or we title our new rap album REBIRTH, like the artist Lil Wayne.

We crave it emotionally, so we fast, meditate or finally make the long overdue doctor or therapy appointment.

All winter we spend packing schedules full of commitments our bodies full of rich food, especially with all that holiday celebration. For me, the holidays are a difficult time, because I'm estranged from my family. I need to make sure I take extra special care of myself during that time of year and keep vigilant about my cravings and what primary food issues need to be addressed. But I'm human, so I still make choices that don't serve me.

When I emerge from winter, I'm emerging from several months of intense emotions, limited sunlight and exercise and more sugar and fat than I probably really need. That's my reality.

Spring, for me, signifies a new start. A new chance to do my life--better. That's my rebirth.

I went through a huge change this past year, it's true. But the truth is, we ALL are undergoing huge changes every day for the rest of our lives. It's part of being human. Are you really accepting that and embracing it as truth? Is staying who you are so familiar and comfortable that you're avoiding the inevitable change that happens as part of your growth?

What are you resisting?

What are you avoiding?

Like a little sprout under the ground, or a bud on the tip of a branch--a NEW you is waiting to emerge.  And that is going to take a lot of work and it may be difficult and painful at times. Think about little chicks trying to break through their eggshells--it looks sort of painful and a tad agonizing. I'm not going to get too heavy into the Jesus story, but he sure went through some painful stuff to become the awesome Messiah and Savior he became in the story of the Resurrection.

Growth requires effort.

Effort may mean some pain and exertion.

Pain is temporary.

On the other side of that temporary growth spurt, what is possible for you? What are you denying yourself (and the world) because of your fear around what it might feel like?

If you notice, spring doesn't just happen one day. You feel the weather change, slightly. Then the buds emerge. And slowly those buds become shoots which then become leaves...and so on.

The same goes for us.

Take your time with this.


Take one step, not 100 at once.


Sit and feel the subtle, yet obvious, changes inside of you. How can you honor them and express them, for yourself and for others? What shifts do you want to make externally to mirror those changes? I just got a new haircut. It's really the old haircut I had for years but now it's just slightly different that it feels new to me. Sort of the best of the old me with a touch of new.


How can you make this happen for yourself? Is it a new haircut? A new mantra you say to yourself? A new resume to send to a few jobs you're interested in?

Embrace the energy of rebirth right now. It's not just for Jesus.