How to Have a Healthier Vacation

I never spent money on vacations. I used to flash that fact like a badge of honor. I'm no longer proud that I once lived my life with such imbalance--depriving myself of much-needed rest, respite and rejuvenation.

We got more joy from those 4 days away than we could have predicted. And we even struggled a little, because unwinding can be hard when you're so wound up to begin with.

We were present with it, talked about it and understood it for what it was---fallout from working too hard for too long.

As a health coach, I prioritized good healthy food the whole time, but made room for some snacks and treats along the way. Here are some tips for how to rock out and enjoy your vacation even more by being health-minded as you do it:

1) bring probiotics. Ever notice how you eat differently, move differently and sleep differently while away from home? You may also notice your elimination changes, too. Bring probiotics with you to support your immune system during and after air travel as well as to balance and regulate your intestinal flora (your gut) for foods that are new, exciting and maybe adventurous for you. In other words: avoid constipation and/or diarrhea. Trust me, this really works.

2) prioritize healthy food and drink plenty of water. Eat the best of what's available to you, the healthiest, most natural foods possible. Drink plenty of water. Use the time away to also get away from unhealthy habits or patterns that aren't serving you at home, i.e. coffee, sugar, white flour products, etc.

3) don't make too many changes to your normal groove. If you retire at 10pm at home, retire at 10pm on vacation. If you don't walk 6 miles a day at home, don't walk 6 miles a day on vacation. If you don't eat 5,000 calories a day at get the idea. Act as you would at home, only DO change this important piece: DO AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE.

Take a vacation, my friends. It's good for your health. ;)