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Two Shammy Shake Alternatives


One of my real-life and Instagram pals just told me she made one of these yesterday! 

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

'Tis a great day to be Irish (50% in my case).

If you find yourself fiending for a Shammy Shake from Mickey D's, do yourself (and your body) a favor and read WHAT'S INSIDE A SHAMROCK SHAKE

And try these two alternatives from my kitchen.

Spend your money on real food. You're worth that.


Super Choco-Minty Green Smoothie

1 cup almond milk 1 cup baby spinach 1/4 tsp peppermint extract 1 frozen banana 1 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (IDEALLY raw cacao powder that you can get from Whole Foods and other natural health food stores)


Green Fruity Smoothie

1 frozen banana 2 cups handful baby spinach leaves 1/2 cup frozen pineapple 1/2 tsp honey


Keep It Simple: Basic Cooking for Busy Nights

It's Monday night. Dinner time. You're tired.

Food shopping over the weekend? Yep, didn't happen for me either. I was involved in this conference all weekend. No food shopping. Whoops!

Here's a quick post to remind you that you DO KNOW how to eat healthy. I'm writing it because I reminded myself. Sometimes I get too caught up in my head about making an elaborate recipe and I forget that all I really need for a good meal is the following:

-greens, cooked or raw

-protein, either animal or plant-based

-additional vegetables, in vast amounts, cooked or raw

-condiments and seasonings

I mean, really. That's about it.

Here's an example. I rummaged through my cabinets and found a can of beans and kelp granules from this amazing recipe: Creamy Tahini and Broccoli Pasta.

In the freezer, I found a package of organic frozen mixed veggies.

On the stove, I put a pan with about an inch of water and I dumped the package of veggies, the beans and about 4 5 cups of chopped up collard greens. Here's a quick demo on cutting up collards:

Step 1: trim them from the stem

Step2: roll them up and slice across like pinwheels (watch your wee fingers!)

I let all that simmer on the stove until the collards got BRIGHT green and super soft.

Put that in a bowl. Added some kelp granules and some Gomasio (sea salt, garlic and sesame seeds).



That was dinner.

Just like that.

Real Food You Can Love In An Instant (Unlike that Other Stuff...)

A balanced breakfast doesn't have to be hard or complicated.


I had a client a couple of years ago who started every morning with a Carnation Instant Breakfast. I remember the commercial, "you're gonna love it in an instant!"

It's true. Lots of people probably do love it because it's so fast. But let's take a look at what's inside that "breakfast quickie". Among other things, it contains 19g or 4.75 tsp of sugar.

Yeah. Considering the American Heart Association "urges women to consume no more than 6 added tsp. of sugar daily and men no more than 9 tsp," (read more: I think this isn't the best way to start your day. Are you with me?

How about this instead:

Two eggs, fried over easy. A piece of whole wheat toast with a small pat of real butter and 1/2 tsp of real jelly or honey. And a big ol' handful of mixed greens with a dab of dressing.

While the Carnation Instant Breakfast DOES provide this long list of added vitamins and minerals, they are going to be pulverized and potentially synthetically created and added in to the powder that contains powdered milk solids, lots of sugar, maltodextrin (fake fiber that helps lower blood sugar levels but does NOT help with digestion--which is sort of what fiber is FOR) and things like cellulose gum, inulin and dicalcium phosphate.

Whoa. Why all the fake, extra added-in versions of real things that are found in real food?

Give me real food.

A real egg (protein, omega fatty acids, choline and lutein). A real piece of salad (fiber). Real wheat (if that's your thing). Real butter. Real honey or jelly made from real fruit.

Give me real food, please. And since this breakfast is fast, I can love THIS in an instant, no problem.

PS. That client who ate those Carnation Instant Breakfasts everyday is now an incredible health coach. Yup.