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Cookin' with Collards

Are you afraid of cooking and eating collards? Well, I was.

It's funny that I wasn't afraid of drinking Starbucks Frappucinos or eating Twinkies or Burger King chicken sandwiches. Now THOSE are foods to be afraid of. What the F is even in that stuff?


Cooking and eating collards? This is nothing to fear, compared to processed chemicals and the like. Collards are just pure, awesome plant-y goodness.

Here's why greens rock:

Sinuses going crazy from allergies right now? Guess what, greens help cleanse all that junk out of your respiratory system.

Collards are jam-packed full of vitamins (if you really need to know the list you can Google it) and there's always that awesome plant-based fiber. Having trouble in the bathroom? You might need more fiber. Got some acne issues? Fiber helps with that, too.

You just need a simple recipe to get these nutrient-dense greens in your bod with little to no effort.

Here is a simple, very basic recipe I made up. Many on the internet called for ingredients I either didn't have or didn't want to use, but you should experiment to find which things you like with your collards.



2 Tbsp butter

1 large bunch fresh organic collard leaves (off the stem)

1 cup free-range chicken broth (free-range means the chicks got to hang and have fun on the farm)

1 tsp hot pepper flakes salt and pepper to taste


1) melt the butter in a shallow saute pan or skillet over low heat

2) while that's happening, get the collard leaves prepped

Here's how you get the collards off the stem:

once you have the leaves off the stem, lay them flat on top of each other. Make a neat, little pile. Then roll 'em up and slice them like pinwheels!! (watch those fingers)

3) once you got those guys sliced up, toss them in a skillet or pan with the melted butter and add the chicken stock. Add the hot pepper flakes after about 10 minutes.

4) simmer over med heat for 20 minutes, check on them. If they are a darker green and soft, they are done.

5) sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste, serve with homemade bbq chicken and homemade mashed potatoes.  HECK YEAH, COWBOY!!