snowed in



After weeks of hearing peeps down in NYC and NJ talking about the pretty white stuff, we finally get some ourselves. Sheesh! And a White Christmas it shall be after all. Sweet.

Ok, great. I'm snowed in. So what's the tip for today, you ask?

Well, the rad snowfall is a good opportunity to talk about something we all need to do and should--but I, for one, struggle to find time to make it happen. Exercise. Yes, today's Tip to 2011 is EXERCISE.


Here's how I see it: we all need to do it. Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. Some of us hardly have the time to make it happen. But you can't escape the fact that exercise is an essential part of a healthy, balanced life. We need the muscle tone to make our bodies move correctly, look good and fit and to prevent any number of injuries and/or other related issues. We need the cardio health and the bone density/strength. We need the endorphins to keep our mood up and our spirits afloat, especially for those of you joining me in the Great Dark Northeast.

So what is my recommendation to make exercise a part of your life?

Just do it.

Just get out and do something. I don't care what it is. Yoga. Pilates. Running. Dance classes. Snowball fights! Just get up and move your body, especially if you are susceptible to depression or anxiety, if you gain weight easily or if you're noticing more aches and pains of late. A little exercise goes a long way to remedy some of those symptoms. Go for a balance of cardio, stretching and strength training. There is so much technology available, you can do this in a 10x10 space. Make it simple, make it consistent, make the time to do it.

Check in with a personal trainer or other exercise specialist to learn the latest recommended times, heartrates, peak levels, etc. It's a new science, always changing. I'm not certified in that area, but I do know people who are. If you don't have anyone who can help you, contact me. I'll direct you to someone who can. Once you know what you're aiming for, try to make it happen the best you can each day because the goal of moving your bod is to keep it healthy and strong. If you're in it for another reason, check in with that reason. How is it working for you? If you're dreading going to the gym or the yoga studio, you're probably not doing the right exercise for your needs. It should be fun and intentional--as with anything in life. If it's neither of those things, stop doing it.

I had one client who hated eating broccoli. I said, "fine. Don't eat it. But tell me what you're eating instead that is just as healthy."

That's my philosophy and it's what my clients learn to love about their new way of living life.

Don't do what you hate, do more of what you love until it becomes a new lifestyle habit that you can't stop raving about.

It's snowing. We wanted pizza. Instead of having the poor delivery person come out in this mess, we walked the .5 mile to go get it ourselves. We walked back in the blustery headwind and laughed when we almost fell over in the drifts. Simple, practical, intentional, fun.

Now get out there and throw a few snowballs, will you?!