so much sugar

Just Add Salt

You know me and my sugar.

We are in love.

This year, however, I've noticed a steep decline in the amount of processed sugar I'm eating. This time last year, there was at least one box of Junior Mints floating around the cabinets--placed high--for safe keeping during movie nights and such. Or just because.

I was also buying chocolate chip cookies out and about on a regular basis. I also wasn't happy with my career and my relationships, both friends and family.

Lately, things are very different.

I have pursued different jobs and relationships until I found that which worked for me on many levels. Want to know my biggest priority? Being seen, supported and validated for the gifts I provide and for my growing edges. And reciprocity. Reciprocity is key, for me. It's healthy and appropriate. What goes out should come back in.

Friendships and down time are as important as work productivity. For as much as I wanted this, there was something in me that kept seeking it in the wrong places. Once I found it, I realized why I had been so frustrated.

And why I had been eating so much sugar.

My life had no flavor! It wasn't full of the things that made DILLAN feel centered and content. It explained why I was reaching for my familiar flavor-savior from childhood: sugar. We all need different things from our jobs, relationships and down time. What works perfectly for some, may not be what I need. Or what you need. I kept getting caught in the trap of thinking that if it was working for other people, what was my problem?

My problem was my solution: stop determining your needs by other peoples' standards.

Salt is important to good health. It is an essential electrolyte that supports your precious brain, and your cardiovascular and nervous systems. Foggy? Depressed? Anxious? Maybe your sodium levels need to be checked. Guess what? It also supports glucose (sugar) absorption. Everything, my friends, is connected.

Sometimes when I'm cooking, I will find that my meal, while healthy, can be a little bland. I add a pinch of sea salt after cooking to make my food taste the way I want it to. It works nicely when you're preparing food for your family or friends. You can simply say, "my tastes may be different than yours, here's the salt shaker, friends!"

What a lovely mantra for your life.