Salty Sweet Breakfast Quinoa

Some folks love salty.Some like sweet.

Combined? Magical.

The salted pumpkin seeds and sweet maple syrup make this a breakfast to savor! It's my take on my Oh-So-Easy-Oatmeal recipe using quinoa instead. You might have heard about this grain-like wonder (pronounced KEEN-WAH) that has an amazing array of amino acids and no wheat-like properties for those with Celiac's disease or wheat-intolerance and sensitivities. 

Don't know if wheat is a sworn enemy of your gut?

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11.26.41 AM.png

See if you have these symptoms after eating things like pasta, bread, bagels and pizza:

frequently feel fatigued 

get bloated 

have unexplained mood swings 

have indigestion or frequent gas

If you answered yes, you might be gluten intolerant. Gluten is the protein part of wheat, rye and barley and is responsible for the spring-like and bouncy texture of those foods. Without gluten, it's hard to make that same spring-action happen, but you can do it. That's for another day...

Listen to your belly. Pay attention after you eat. It may not be that you ate too much but rather, that you ate the wrong thing.

Quinoa saves the day. It is high in protein and doesn't have the side-effects of wheat. If wheat is a problem, some people can't even rock oats which can sometimes have residual gluten from being processed in the same agricultural mills as wheat, rye and barley. I might be one of those people who don't digest them very well, actually--so sometimes I eat quinoa instead for breakfast and I notice how my body responds. 

I made a big ol' pot of quinoa last night----2 cups of quinoa to about 4 cups water, bring to a boil and then simmer over low heat until light and fluffy--and used it in place of oats for my breakfast this morning.

I added the usual amazing additions and now I'm sitting here with a full, happy and non-bloated belly.

And we have plenty of quinoa left over to add to our dinner tonight and breakfast later this week (cooked grains keep for about 5 days if tightly covered in the fridge).

Give this a try!



1 cup cooked quinoa (cook the night before and store in a closed glass container in the fridge)

2 TBS almond milk

1 handful of:

  • raisins or dried cranberries
  • roasted salted pumpkin seeds
  • roasted sunflower seeds
  • finely chopped raw almonds

dash of cinnamon

splash of real 100% maple syrup (pancake syrup is corn syrup with artificial maple flavoring and it contains little to none of the essential minerals available in real maple syrup---use the real thing).

2 tsp ghee or coconut oil or butter


1) Add quinoa and milk to small pot and simmer over low heat for 2 mins

2) Add raisins and almonds and stir for another 2 mins

3) Transfer to cereal bowl and add remaining ingredients

4) Take a picture and post it on your facebook page or share it with your friends!!!


Emmy's Organics Macaroons & More!

  Looking for something sweet, healthy AND organic? That's like a nutrition triple play, right there.

(oh? you want vegan, gluten-free and raw, too? OK. Done.)

lem maclem

I first tasted the awesomeness of these macaroons when I worked at Cambridge Naturals, a local natural food store in Cambridge, MA, a few years ago.

When I found out the company was owned by a couple of young adults like me, I knew I had to blog about them. You know how I love blowing up other peoples' courageousness, especially fellow business owners and entrepreneurs! We all need help getting our message out there!



When I followed EMMY'S ORGANICS on instagram, they sent me a gift package like the one they sell on their website right here. Early holiday shopping, anyone?

(I REALLY wish I hadn't eaten all of them. I could have made a giveaway for you. Next time, promise!)




I asked Samantha, the co-owner and founder, some questions to learn a bit more about her company, her product and her mission. She took precious time away from her biz to answer some questions for me.


DD) Um. Your products are so, so good. What was your inspiration to create such a great product?

S) Since Ian was a teenager, he has dealt with a number of digestion and food allergy issues. This forced him to change the way he looked at food 360 degrees. He has to stop eating dairy and gluten and didn't know much about alternative ways to eat for health. He took a trip to a family-friends raw food restaurant in San Francisco and quickly changed his mindset. There he learned about super-foods, juicing, dehydrating and many other ways to prepare raw foods. Eating a lot of raw food also helped him feel really good, physically. This is where it all started for him.

For myself, I have always been interested in the best way to take care of myself. Its just a natural desire of mine. When I was in college, my step-mother checked herself into a raw detox center in San Diego because she had some pre-cancer cells in her eye. She came home weeks later totally emerged in raw food preparation. She also felt amazing and her cells were healed. Eventually, she lost interest in some of her raw food tools so she gave them to me and I started experimenting.

Ian and I played with all different kinds of food, both raw and cooked and this is how our company emerged. We have always kept a very strong emphasis on simplicity and ease and Ian's chocolate macaroon recipe fell right into that category ;-).

DD) what was the biggest obstacle you faced in building your company? 

I think for any small company, growth is a very big obstacle. In the very beginning, Ian and I did EVERYTHING. We didn't take days or even evenings off. We managed the production, bookkeeping, sales, cleaning, packaging, you name it. There comes a time when you get so much business that you actually can't handle it. Hiring that very first employee was huge and scary for us. We were so used to doing everything ourselves so we were nervous to take that next step.

DD) one of my biggest messages is living fearlessly. How did you overcome fears, obstacles and set backs while growing the business?

S) We gave up control, made plenty of mistakes (we still do) and learned from them. We have gotten a real education in communication and listening over the past 4.5 years!

DD) your products use such clean, quality ingredients when it would be easier to use cheaper ones. Tell me why. 

We use clean ingredients because that is what food is to us. They are what feed us and nourish us and give us energy to do the things in life that matter.

DD) what has been your biggest success since you launched?

S) We launched a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo.com at the end of 2010 to re-brand all of our packaging. We raised over $15,000 from fans, family and friends to take this next leap. It was a success, both financially and mentally. It was the first time that we got to see how many people supported our dreams and what we are out to achieve. It was an amazing experience that has impacted us forever.

DD) I love that story! That's amazing. OK, so what's next? I'm all about setting goals to make progress in life. Name 4 goals you have for yourself and/or your company in the next two years:

S) 1. To visit where some of our ingredients are grown.

2. To successfully launch at least 2 more product lines.

3. To continue to grow the benefits that we offer our employees.

4. Become a B-Corp! (learn more about that here)


Thank you so much, Samantha and Ian, for making an awesome product and for sending me some special gifts!

Emmy's makes more than macaroons. Head over and take a look at their website right here: http://emmysorganics.com/

You can find Emmy's at major stores like Whole Foods as well as smaller, independent natural food and product stores like Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square, Somerville, MA.

Indian-Spiced Turkey Burgers


This recipe is one of my most successful experiences of fearlessness in the kitchen. I had no plan. I had no idea what I was doing. And the results ROCKED!!!!

Indian-Spiced Turkey Burgers over Portabella "Buns" with Kale and Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Chips (did I mention the homemade ginger/apple/raisin chutney?)

Ferociously good.

for the chips:

6 cups kale, removed from stem and finely chopped 1 REALLY large sweet potato, sliced very thin (1/8 in. thick) 3 Tbsp coconut oil or butter 3-4 Portabella caps (one per person)

for the burgers:

2 lbs freshly ground turkey 1 tsp coriander 1 tsp cardamom 1 tsp curry 1 tsp cumin 1 pinch nutmeg 1/4 tsp chili powder

for the chutney:

1 medium apple, sliced 1/4 ginger root, sliced thin 1 cup water 2 tsp cane sugar 1 Tbsp raisins



1) Preheat over to 425.

2) In a small saucepan, combine all the chutney ingredients except raisins. Simmer over low low/med heat until ingredients are reduced to a thick sauce and ginger is softened. Stir often. Add more water as needed as it boils off. Add raisins when finished and stir in.

3) In a large mixing bowl, combine spices. Add turkey meat and knead the spices and meat together, incorporating the spices throughout. Form into small patties, about 1/2 inch thick and 3 inches wide. Set aside.

4) Cover  a cookie sheet with a sheet of parchment paper. In a large mixing bowl, add 2 Tbsp (melted) coconut oil or butter and toss with sliced sweet potatoes. Line cookie sheet with potato slices. Bake in oven until browned and crispy (check and turn after 10 mins).

5) In a saute pan over medium heat, add turkey burgers and cook until browned. Turn and repeat. Remove and place on a plate. Add more oil to pan and cook mushroom caps until they are soft and dark.

6) Melt 1 Tbsp coconut oil or butter in saute pan over medium heat. Add kale and cook to taste.


The timing to coordinate this meal may take some practice. I got lucky. Use your judgment with cooking times.