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Make Time For You: a virtual group coaching program

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If you just can't even right now, don't worry. 

You don't have to do it alone. Let's make time together.


Do you need a small group of like-minded people right now? Could you use some connection with people on this planet who are dedicated to wellness and positivity?

Rad. Join me.

I'll provide you with tips and tools to improve your nutrition and overall wellness and you'll share the best of what you know and learn the best from others in a safe and supportive virtual group setting.

Making time for yourself right now will help you bring even more focus and efficiency to all you have going on. You'll find and maintain balance in mind, body and spirit and check-in with other really busy people who “get it”.

It's tough to balance everything and stay healthy when you're doing it alone.

Don't. Let's do it together.






The Hangouts

This isn't just emails delivered to your inbox. There will be live Hangouts. I will host and facilitate the Google Hangout for each session. You just need to show up, with coffee or tea in hand and a notebook. We'll check in as a small group to review your progress and challenges and just generally have the kind of friendly and practical group conversation you need to keep yourself accountable to your own goals. Like a coffee date with a bunch of like-minded healthy pals. This isn't just small talk though: this is bringing your whole life in more focus.

You'll remember what you value and appreciate about yourself.

You'll dust off and practice the hobbies and interests you love but have let slide by the wayside.

You'll recommit to basic healthy habits that keep you centered and calm amidst chaos.

In addition to that awesomeness, you will also be given something new from me during each session to ponder or chew on--a new tool to add to your "toolbox for life".

Your group will meet via Google Hangout at 7:30PM EST about every two weeks on these dates:

September 29th October 6th October 20th November 3rd November 17th December 1st December 15th January 5th

this will be us!
this will be us!

You can join as many or as few as you want, but will definitely see more progress with each call you attend. Consistency is the key to success!

Can't make one? No problem! Each Hangout will be recorded (YES!) so you can catch up and watch them later.

The Facebook Group

Keep the connection GOING between our online Hangouts! To keep the energy from our Hangouts flowing, you will have open access to a Facebook group that is open 24/7! Post questions, comments, pictures, ideas---you name it! I'll moderate with tips and support but this group is all yours.


I'll provide the framework, course content and the container for our meetings and Facebook group--you just bring yourself!


-learn natural ways to boost your energy. The coffee can stay, I promise. -experience an improved and boosted immune system, especially during cold season. -practice the art of self-care with people who get the daily challenges you're up against -find more peace and stillness in your day-to-day

The cost of this program is $389 and space is limited to 8 people.

Sign up by SEPTEMBER 15th for a reduced, early-bird rate of $300--about $75 per month.

For less than a monthly cell phone bill, you will actually get the tools and support to balance your life better and be part of an amazing group of like-minded people who want you to succeed at life.

Sound good?