This changes everything.

Who you are is a combination of so many things. 

Your home, your nutrition, your exercise habits (or lack thereof), your relationships and creative expression. That's a short list.

When you shift one of these areas, it's going to shift everything else. Sometimes those shifts are for the better. Buying a new car makes getting around more efficient. But it can also impact finances when it needs repair or gas and it can become a stressor. Getting rid of the car improves finances but impacts everything else. Time. How many groceries you can buy. 

Getting more exercise means more energy, boosted metabolism and perhaps better sleep. It also means making time for it, which get it.

One change affects everything, and we don't always know what those changes will be. That not knowing often gets in our way of making a much-needed change. Sometimes that essential change is about us. How we think about ourselves and others. How we speak. How well we listen. Our nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

Sometimes the change is initiated within us. Sometimes it's outside of us.

When the change is external, a shifting job landscape perhaps, we can feel unsteady. What will it say about us? Who will we become? What will it say about our role and responsibilities? Our worth and value?

When I was laid off from my job in 2009, it meant losing my identity in that community. It meant losing touch with colleagues. Losing my daily commute and my office. I lost my company AM EX card! 

It also meant losing old habits that hadn't served me, professionally. Habits that existed in a blind spot, not visible to me until I was out of the space. Habits I changed to work better in my new career.

Rather than see change as something to fear and resist, we can flow with the change. Seeing it as happening FOR our growth and evolution as a person. We can say, "this changes everything" because it's true! We will shift and change from the change happening around us. Nothing's wrong with this. It's scary, maybe, but not bad.

Our perspective and attitude about change indeed changes everything.