Make More Time like Magic

Listen, I gotta say this.

I recommend that you stop saying you "don't have time" for such and such (I don't care what it is).

Because, #this


I mean, she has many things we don't but more hours in a day isn't one of them.

I mean, she has many things we don't but more hours in a day isn't one of them.


If you want to succeed in life, i.e. have the time, energy and money (hell, maybe even fame and fortune) that you seek, reconsider using your schedule and your life as excuse for why you don't have enough time. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is busy. 

Everyone has responsibilities.

Everyone has to do laundry and buy groceries and work in some form or fashion and tidy a domestic dwelling, and shower and exercise and sleep, etc. 

You aren't more busy because you have kids.

You aren't more busy because you work for a startup.

You aren't more busy because you're an entrepreneur.

You aren't more busy because you're in school.

You're more busy because you don't master your time efficiently. WHY you're doing that? That's what you want to become more clear about, because it's why you never have enough time for what actually matters to you. You're doing what you're prioritizing, whether or not it actually IS what you want to prioritize.  

More time isn't going to fall out of the sky someday. You don't have enough time because you are being run by your life and not the other way around. Your schedule isn't organized. Your goals aren't clear. You don't delegate well because you're driven by perfectionism. Your energy is low because you're overcommitting, underselling and undernourishing yourself. You're running on sugar, caffeine and/or alcohol and no sleep and an addiction to the hamster wheel of FOMO (fear of missing out). Or you're running and hiding from something you don't want to face. Overcommitting and overworking are ways we distract ourselves from dealing with something uncomfortable within or outside of us. I don't know what this is for you, do you?

Being busy it isn't unique to you, like the fates just handed you a completely unworkable life and said, "deal with it". 


It is happening for millions of people just like you who wake up every day and do the same thing and expect things to change. Einstein said that's the definition of insanity but I'm not your judge.

No way. I'm not judging because I used to be just like you. I had myself convinced that I just had more to do with less resources and everyone else had it easier. Then I'd spent significant amounts of the little time "I had" fuming and fussing over the allotments realizing that I must have been sick that day when they gave out extras. Maybe I was the Oliver Twist of earned overtime hours.


cutest little bug right there

cutest little bug right there


And then one day I really understood what I was doing. I realized my life was a mess because I was making it a mess. I was overcommitting and running all over the place because I had no clear goals, a total lack of integrity and I was a commitment-phobe. I was like this because I didn't know another way to be. I heard everyone else around me complaining about the same things and functioning the same way, so why would I be inspired to change?

When I started exposing myself to new habits, new people and new ways of living, things changed. It didn't happen overnight, but it did happen. 

The biggest and most important change will happen within you. You'll start hearing yourself say you don't have time for the rest you need, or the relationship you want (even if that person is staring you in the face) or the clear skin or whatever else you crave. You'll start critically considering why you have the same amount of hours as Beyonce but aren't pulling your life together the way you want it to look. You'll stop thinking it will happen next week or next month or next year "after things settle down". Consider that thing you want or need: if you don't have time for it now, how would it magically appear later? Consider it's not coming because energetically you are saying, "I don't make time for this because I don't value it enough."

You can make more time like magic, if you start seeing it as something within your control and not outside of you. If you start seeing it as something you begin to create this very moment, because only you can do it.

Trust me. I wouldn't write this stuff down if it didn't really work for me and many other people.