What happens now?!

It's one of my favorite lines in the movie Interstellar.

It's also in the movie Contact. Probably not a coincidence.

Both movies are about deep space. The main characters are brave beings going to the limits of what is "known" and beyond, into the great abyss of the dark, cold Unknown.

Basically, life. On a day-to-day basis, right?

Or maybe not? Maybe you experience life more like the movie Groundhog Day, where the main character repeats the same day over and over. Same food. Same routine. Same, same, same. You might think you find a lot of comfort in that life. You think familiar equals safe. 

A lot of people live like this.

I've coached hundreds of people in the past eight years. Even a casual conversation with me often turns into people confessing things. Things get revealed. I've learned to listen really well. And here's what I hear: a lot of complaining. A lot of frustration. A lot of what ifs. A lot of someday. A lot of soon. A lot of when things are different. A lot of dwelling in the past. A lot of fear of the future.

What's behind all that? Fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of looking bad. Fear of criticism. Fear of these and other things. You know this. I'm not writing words you haven't read before.

So if you know what to do, what are you waiting for? What keeps you perched on that edge, teetering there? Or what keeps you miles away from it, tucked away in the supposed comfort that feels more like suffocation each day?

I recently came up against this myself. I pushed myself to a new edge. When I looked around for help, trying to ask people what to do and how, I found myself alone. Not because people don't care but because they do not know. No one does. And even if they did, I probably wouldn't listen. I'm stubborn that way.

So, after struggling and suffering for a week or so, I made a choice. I made up an answer. I just made it up. And then I acted on it. And I got results. That felt so good, I did it again when I was faced with another edge days later. I MADE THAT SHIT UP and decided I would be ok with whatever happened.

Those two decisions: to choose to act and accept whatever happens, will really help you get over a block. It will help you feel the fear and jump anyway. 

Just decide it really doesn't matter what happens because staying stuck and the same will eventually stop working and you're screwed anyway. Like when you were a kid and you played hide-and-seek and the person who was "it" didn't find you because you hid so well. But then no one could find you and they went off somewhere and you came out and everyone was gone. 

You might as well put yourself out there. Risk. Try. 

And as you do it, as you leap without a net, feel in every fiber of your being the total and complete exhilaration and freedom as you ask the question, "what happens now?!"