What I left out of my TEDx talk.

I left out a huge piece of my TEDx talk and it's hilarious how much time I'm spending dwelling on it.

You would think after all the preparation and planning, almost six months worth, I would be celebrating the fact that I did it and it's now over and I can move on.

I am doing those things. AND I keep thinking about what I left out.

Funny how we do that, huh? We spend an incredible amount of time and energy on our lack or limitations or ways we aren't perfect. We constantly measure ourselves in this way, and we miss the ways we are exceeding and excelling and making the grade. We can spend so much time looking at lack that we miss the abundance of the awesomeness of who we are.

I intentionally posted a facebook status to call myself out on this and focus on the joy of being chosen to give a TEDx talk at all. I intentionally focused my thoughts and speech on celebrating the intense and amazing experience of practicing for an experience like this. I keep reflecting on the new friends I made and the conversations I had and the life-changing moments of the past five months. 

It's true I didn't articulate a few important sentences that would have made some explicit points in my talk, but no one will know but me. I gracefully blended the concepts together, hiccup and all, and if I can just drop it, I can step into fully appreciating the magic of this life experience. I can honor that I have talent as a speaker. I can celebrate my self-awareness born of so much challenge and adversity and hard work! I can appreciate the chance to share a message with many people who might need to hear it.

And I can see another opportunity to practice grace and compassion with myself as I continue to evolve as a perfectly imperfect human being.

Want to join me? ;)