What you can change right now.

It may be more than you know. 

With all that's happening in the world, you might be feeling like I'm feeling, and that's a little bit hopeless from time to time.

I have moments where I'm like, "no! It's gonna be ok!"

But for the most part, I'm feeling afraid all the time. Not gonna lie.

Actually, I'm terrified. But that's my anxiety from my childhood trauma (you know, the kind most people have) and it gets really activated during times of major crisis in my own life or when it seems like the world is falling apart.

I think to myself, "what can I possibly do to change anything for the better?"

And because I'm a Buddhist, I know that futile way of thinking is a total waste of time. There is a whole lot that each of us can do, myself included, to make the world better each and every day. 

We can't control major political machinations. We can't single-handedly change climate degeneration. We can't stop people from being ignorant and cruel and unkind. We can't change our parents or our colleagues or strangers on the street.

We can't change people. But we can change ourselves.

We can change how we treat others, especially if we take issue with how other people treat other people. Did you follow that? I see a lot of people complaining about how people act and don't really seem to notice the pain and suffering they inflict on other human beings. Just sayin'. 

When we stop focusing on changing others, it's incredibly empowering to realize how much we can change! We can change how we treat ourselves. We can change how much water we drink and the food we eat and how much we exercise. We can change how much we gossip instead of powerfully assert ourselves. We can change our minds about pretty much anything and everything. We can change...should I go on?

Take a minute and think about this for yourself. 
What would you add to this list? 
What is one small change you could make that would make a difference for you first and then for others?

Don't try to fix the world right now. Just make one change. 


Dillan DiGiovanni change