Your Biggest Commitment


How does that word make you feel?

I will admit, as a Gemini the word makes me feel a little anxious. I'm an air sign and I do best when I'm moving around and flowing. I work best like this. I live best like this. I've built a life that makes this actually work for me.

And that's my biggest commitment: myself. Because if I'm not happy and feeling good, nothing I do works. So it's important that I prioritize what I know I need to thrive so that I DO thrive. 

And that means not prioritizing anything or anyone that doesn't feel good. Someone recently chastised me for this. This woman also had a long-standing self-professed weight issue. She talked about it constantly. Or rather, she complained about it. She had given up smoking but gained 20 pounds. I wasn't surprised. She merely replaced the addiction. Whatever drove her to smoke was still there after the cigarettes disappeared. And to her, food was something to fear. Food did not equal feeling good for her. So when she made a comment about me only doing things that felt good, advice I received and share as a health coach, I didn't take it personally.

Maybe she envied my relationship to food and my weight. It's an ongoing thing for me, but I'm pretty satisfied with where I'm at right now. I've come a long way from literally starving myself as a teenager. 

Maybe she envied the way I prioritize my health and happiness above all else. I do that because I've learned that commitments I make outside of these things usually fall apart. 

Do I sound selfish? Well consider this: people who neglect themselves usually neglect others. Even if it doesn't look like it on the surface, in some form or fashion, people will only give to other people what they provide themselves. When I start to stretch outside of what I KNOW to be good for me, I get weird. I become of no use to other people. I become the least and not the best version of myself.

Your biggest commitment should be yourself. When you feel good, you can think good thoughts. You can say good things. You look as good as you feel on the inside and people are attracted to positive people. Well, healthy people are attracted to positive people. There are plenty of people who are attracted to bitter, negative, jealous and deceitful people. Which one are you? Which would you like to be? Who surrounds you now? What would you want to change about that?

I've realized most people don't ask themselves questions like this. I forget sometimes and get myself into trouble before I realize it and have to bring myself back. I forget that most people are thinking about money, achievement, control, competition, television shows, clothes, shoes, craft beer and other "things". I have a blog post about "things" coming soon. 

People focus on things or other people so they don't have to focus on themselves.

Asking ourselves questions about who we are and who we want to become is next-level living. It's not for the faint of heart, and it's why most people don't do it. Or they try but eventually give up. 

They give up because they lack commitment to themselves. When you commit to yourself to being the healthiest, fittest, happiest version of yourself, you will ask yourself each day, "how am I doing?"

And you can tick off your list of what you KNOW makes you happy and healthy and see where your commitment to yourself dropped off.

If you need help knowing what that is, drop me a line. We can discuss over craft beer.

Just kidding.