Dare You to Move: a free event about getting unstuck

OCTOBER 27, 2016

12 noon EST



Need help getting unstuck?

Well, I can help. Because guess what? I just moved!

That's right. After calling Boston "home" for 10 years, I packed myself up and moved away to the woods. It was something I was working on for the past 5 years but I did it when I was good and ready.

But instead of sending notecards with my new address, I'm hosting a live event where I'm sharing all about my experience to help you with something in your own life.

Tune in to:

  • find clarity and confidence in your decision
  • what (and who) to tune in and tune out during your discernment
  • pros and cons of staying and leaving
  • why change is hard for you and everyone else (even me, sometimes)
  • balancing planning and winging it for less stress and more efficiency
  • when and how to surrender to "the process"
  • and more!

Even if you're not physically moving to a new dwelling, you can tune in and hear my process for figuring out the how, when, and why behind my decision to move. I used the same process I've used countless times in my life to make decisions and changes. Every time I do it, I get better at it. And I want to help you do the same.

And if you are actually moving, you can learn from my process (including what I wouldn't do again)!

Want to start or end something in your life? You can apply what I did to:

  • healing or ending a relationship
  • finding or leaving a job
  • starting or quitting school/internship
  • initiating a difficult conversation
  • starting a new business venture
  • coming out about something you're keeping hidden
  • address an addiction of some kind
  • kick off new healthy habits
  • something else I can't think of

I'm looking forward to hosting this workshop LIVE* from my new place which I'm calling "the Homestead". Stay tuned for more cool things happening from right inside my humble abode in the hills. 

Sign up below and spread the word with someone you know who feels stuck because friends help friends and since we aren't trees and are designed to move to grow, you can be a part of helping someone not be a tree.


*because I live in the woods, technical issues may arise. In which case, I will record the workshop and send you the not-live version. But this is plan B so cross your fingers!

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