Want to feel more free? 

You can feel freedom by finding forgiveness.

And I wish I could tell you it's a constant state you can find and achieve. It's not.

We find forgiveness in small glimpses. Moments. But when you find it and feel it, it's bliss.


This past December, I had a huge breakthrough in finding forgiveness with two significant relationships in my life. What I learned is too good to keep to myself! It's powerful medicine I now take in large doses whenever I want to feel profound freedom. 

In this free webinar, I'll share:

  • how to identify what's blocking you from feeling free right now
  • what forgiveness you're truly seeking
  • steps I took to address my anger and overcome overwhelming grief  
  • what's possible when you let it gooooooo, let it gooooooo!



Not too shabby for a Thursday night, eh?

I hope you'll join me by clicking below. 

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