Need help figuring out “who you are” and “what comes next”?

Is coaching with me right for you? Wonder what it's like?

Do you feel like:

  • you want to be healthier but feel confused or overwhelmed?

  • you want to make some kind of life change but feel stuck?

  • you need use someone who listens and really "gets" you?

  • you've done a lot of work and still don't see the results you want?

Transition and transformations happen as part of life. Some can be fun and exciting. Some…aren’t. As your coach, I help you set goals and take action to make fun (or scary) changes in your life.

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Our sessions are 100% confidential.

We track your progress and make adjustments as we go to help you succeed.

You can choose from basic nutrition and lifestyle habits to career or relationship changes. 

It's a process that helps you feel more clear and confident over time and you can change your goals along the way if needed.

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Are we a good match? 

Let's try an intro session.

It lasts 50 minutes and costs $75*.

*fee is waived if you join a coaching program

I wanted a coach who had really been through a lot of shit himself. Someone who would understand and be able to support me.
— Lauren Collinson, CPA, Philly, PA

Maybe coaching isn’t what you need.

Want to just "pick my brain" about something? 

You know how you have that idea in your mind, that *someday* you’ll get it together, eat right, exercise more, and become that person you’d like to be? Dillan got me on the track I had always wanted to be on!
— Dave Curado, network engineer, Boston, MA
dave curado dillan digiovanni client
Dillan skillfully guides us to find our own way to our own unfiltered truth. Very empowering!
— Margot Brown Slowick, mom and teacher, Boston, MA
If you go on a tour, you hire the person who knows the area best. Dillan’s seen a lot and done a lot and changed so much in his own life, he’s the best “life” tour guide I know.
— Trish Palmiere, Construction Project Manager, Boston, MA

Coaching Options

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Virtual and/or in-person. Range from 6-12 sessions. Small groups of 8-10 people.

Coming FALL 2019. 

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