Workshops for wellness in late winter.

February 19th-March 19th.

Virtually (wherever you are).


Well-being or wellness is the opposite of illness, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Need some now?

Can you use some support to press pause and cultivate better self-care?



Five live workshops with me, an integrative health coach. You'll get wellness across the wire!

Each session has a topic (listed below). Get information and inspiration for restorative well-being from head to toe, inside and out. Join a virtual community of like-minded people also focused on self-care!

    February 19: Secrets to sleep better

    February 26: Supplement suggestions for wellness

    March 5:  Necessary nutrition to know

    March 12: Solutions to stress less

    March 19: Maintaining mindfulness moving forward

    • 5 Live sessions (recorded to watch later!)
    • a private Facebook group of like-minded peers
    • ebooks and resources to keep forever
    • As to your many well-being Qs!


    I am so grateful we had an opportunity to work together again. It came at the perfect time. It feels wonderful to breathe again.
    — Shannon R., HR professional, Worcester, MA
    You totally helped me take that first crucial step. I was overwhelmed. Now I do enough of the “right” things and less of the other stuff.
    — Trish P., Construction Project Manager, Boston, MA


    Busy professionals. Stressed out students. The average Joe or Jane or Jed who wants to feel better faster.

    Well-being in late winter? Sounds unrealistic perhaps. Many people struggle with self-care during the winter, just when you need it most. Who can blame them? It's hard to know what the heck to do, let alone do it perfectly. Sugar, salt, fat, germs and COLD WEATHER all over the place!

    For five weeks, I'll host the self-care party in a safe and supportive virtual group setting.

    You ready? Each event costs $25. Bundle all five for $99. 


    WHY NOW? 

    Making time for yourself right now will help everything you have going on.

    It feels hard to press pause now, especially when you're trying to do it alone. Don't. Let's do it together.

    As a RESTORE & RENEW member, you'll:

    1. learn natural ways to boost your energy. Coffee can stay, I promise. I drink it, too.
    2. improve your immune system, especially during cold/flu season.
    3. practice self-care with people who get the daily challenges you're up against. 
    4. find more peace and stillness in your day-to-day.
    5. achieve other unique goals and intentions you set for yourself.


    I. The Sessions

    Each Monday at 12pm EST, I'll host a workshop to help you cultivate courageous health.

    You can tune in Live or watch  later when it works for your life (I'll send ya the link). Then,  connect with real people in our private Facebook group. This program isn't a product to download and do alone. No daily emails dripped to your inbox. This is interactive support now. Bring your tea (of coffee) and tune in.

    Here are the dates and topics:

    February 19: Secrets to sleep better

    February 26: Supplement suggestions for wellness

    March 5:  Necessary nutrition to know

    March 12: Solutions to stress less

    March 19: Maintaining mindfulness moving forward


    II. The Facebook Group

    To keep you focused between the sessions and keep the energy flowing, you'll get access to a private Facebook group that is open 24/7. Post questions, comments, pictures, ideas---you name it! I'll moderate with tips and support but this group is all yours to create.

    Want MORE support? Maybe to connect just You + Me?

    You can also choose to get some much-needed individual support. The Just You + Me option adds one confidential coaching session with me in addition to the Live sessions and Facebook group for an additional $100.

    Meet your coach, Dillan. The person behind this program. 

    Dillan DiGiovanni Winter Wellness Warriors

    I'm an integrative health coach. 

    I'm leading a revolutionary movement and message about the synthesis of well-being and identity development as the path toward personal fulfillment and professional success. I'm all about the "how" to actually be yourself.

    My clients work at corporations like Microsoft and IDEO and smaller companies such as ActBlue, Intelligentsia, WorkBar and General Assembly. I have spoken at MIT, Northeastern, and UCONN. I'm a two-time TEDx speaker and storyteller and a member speaker for the Bureau of International Programs for the U.S. State Department. I love 80s music and coffee and always needs to eat more greens. I currently live in New Jersey, returning home after living in New England for a decade.

    OK! Read enough to know you need this?

    Let's press pause to restore & renew, starting now. Find and maintain balance in mind, body and spirit.

    With better well-being, life just feels more possible.

    Get tools and support to balance your life better for the rest of your life and be part of an amazing group of like-minded people who want you to thrive.

    Sound good?