Need Inspiration to Change?

If you're looking for a life-changing experience, here's what folks say about my events:

Dillan has that rare balance of providing practical tools while also allowing room for introspection and reflection. I find his humor, honesty and compassion as an instructor to be so refreshing!

My talks inspire you to rethink your life from a holistic perspective. You'll learn how each decision you make affects other areas of your life: your home life, your workplace and larger community. You'll walk out seeing yourself, other people and the whole world through a new lens with practical tools to take action steps toward change.


How to Nurture Candid, Inclusive Cultures:  Learn how (and why) to build cultures where every person feels seen, heard and valued.

How to Thrive in Your 9-5: Learn how everything you do in and out work impacts how you succeed in your whole life. 

How to Be Yourself: Everyone says you should do this, I'll help you learn why and how you can

How to Transform Ideal to Real: Most people never live their dream lives. Leave this event as one of few who WILL.

How to Listen Better: Learning to listen well (to yourself and others) is the most important skill you'll need for unlimited success in your whole life.

Dillan is engaging and dynamic. I highly recommend others to tap into his wisdom. I’ll definitely attend again!
I think so many people would love this class. I would definitely come again and recommend it to as many people as I can.