I’m Dillan.

I'm a professional change agent (as a certified coach and teacher). I really love change.

I help people get unstuck and navigate the sometimes scary, often overwhelming and totally transformative parts of life.

Learn who you are and want to become.

Listen to your gut and act from it.

Live your life on your own terms.

Discover the unknown and unexplored.

Define what you want and need to thrive.

Ditch excuses and claim your empowerment.


I’ve been sending doses of my “Dillanspiration” to peoples’ inboxes since 2009. Want some?

dillan digiovanni tedxuconn.jpg
Dillan DiGiovanni has changed more in a couple of decades than most people do in a lifetime.”
— Kimberly Armstrong, TEDxUCONN
Dillan cut right to the chase and got me moving forward quickly, which is exactly what I needed. I definitely plan on using his services again as I continue to build my business.
— Devin Bramhall, Director of Marketing at Animalz

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